Silent Gliss

The World's Leading Brand

Swiss engineered for unsurpassed quality, distinctive style, innovative design and quiet elegance, Silent Gliss window treatments are engineered to meet the needs of the most discriminating designer, architect or homeowner. Silent Gliss offers a complete range of solutions for the most demanding design applications. Products include Roller Shade Systems, Soft Shades, Sliding Panels, Hand and Cord Operated Drapery Track Systems, Electrically Operated Drapery Track Systems, Vertical Blinds, Skylight Shading Systems and Cubicle Track Systems.

Silent Gliss was created by a Swiss Engineer, who in the 1950’s, designed the first truly whisper quiet, friction free drapery track. This was accomplished by using special plastic carriers running inside extruded aluminum tracks bonded with a special silicon finish. Since that time, Silent Gliss has focused on creating the highest quality hardware systems available. Each part and component are fully engineered and tested to rigorous Swiss standards.

The breadth and depth of Silent Gliss products is truly outstanding. Since the 1950’s, Silent Gliss engineers have developed solutions for almost any application. Innovative engineering and hardware design continue to be the driving force behind the Silent Gliss brand.

Many of the Silent Gliss products are designed to solve problems not possible with products from other suppliers. For example their drapery track systems are able to span 180 feet in length and support fabrics up to 600 lbs in weight. What about motorized vertical panels that can flow and bend around corners or curved walls? How about drapery tracks that can be recessed into a ceiling to achieve a clean and smooth appearance? Cover a 16 ft wide window with a single roller blind? We have a product for that. So regardless of the difficulty of the application, chances are that Silent Gliss solutions are available to meet the challenge.

Swiss engineered for unsurpassed quality, distinctive style, innovative design and quiet elegance. ...

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