About Us

Our Goal

Our goal is to become the premier custom fabricator for the North American upscale window treatment market. This is reflected in everything that we do including our business strategy. In addition to high quality product offerings, it has been our people that have made the difference in our ability to compete in a market that is increasingly being defined by price at the expense of quality. Our strategy has always been to attract team members that fit with our “solution oriented approach” – one that solves problems equally through the application of knowledge and experience as well as through the use of high performance products.




A Winning Team

Our senior management team, which is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the North American shading industry, forms the backbone of the company. Take for example, John Coleman, our Atlanta, GA based head of Engineering and Technical Support. John has spent more than 25 years solving problems and developing solutions utilizing Silent Gliss Products.    

At Brading Fabrication, we believe that by combining knowledge and experience, with high performance products, we can achieve long lasting success for both ourselves and our trusted partners.

Swiss engineered for unsurpassed quality, distinctive style, innovative design and quiet elegance. ...

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SolaraShade™ is our high quality, high performance shading system designed to accommodate ...

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Elarashade™ is our exclusive, high quality roller blind system for motorized and manual applications ...

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SolaraSky™ is an energy efficient, retractable skylight shading system that’s designed to optimize light ...

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