Welcome to Brading Fabrication

Welcome to Brading Fabrication Limited. We are the exclusive Canadian manufacturer and distributor of Silent Gliss™ products of Switzerland. We are also the North American manufacturer and distributor of ElaraShade™, SolaraShade™ and SolaraSky™ specialty shades. Our focus is to serve the most demanding customers in the window coverings market through our network of dealers and resellers located across the continent. Our products are engineered for high performance, and high quality, and consist of high value components and motors sourced exclusively from Europe, Canada and the US.

Partnership with Silent Gliss

Our commitment and dedication to be the best initiated our relationship with Silent Gliss, the world's leading supplier of motorized and manual drapery and blind systems. In 2010, we became the exclusive Canadian manufacturer and distributor of Silent Gliss products. We were selected because of our commitment and adherence to quality, our high calibre production facility, our skilled and seasoned management team, and our in-depth application experience with Silent Gliss products. But the primary rationale in the decision to transfer the Silent Gliss franchise to Brading Fabrication was that we appreciated and understood the inherent value of this innovative, engineering driven, trend setting and quality focused brand. In a window coverings industry where the major players are increasingly focused on reducing costs at the expense of quality, Silent Gliss remains the world's only major window coverings manufacturer to resist "the race to the bottom" and remain true to its core beliefs of quality, design, technology, service and individuality.

High Performance Products

Our other products are also designed for high performance and high quality and meet the needs of specialty applications. SolaraShade, for example, is a highly engineered shading system designed to accommodate the unique requirements of solariums, sunroom and conservatories. SolaraSky optimizes light control and reduces heat gain through skylights while ElaraShade is a high performance roller blind system for motorized and manual applications that meet both functional and budget considerations.

Our Dealers

Each of our products is supported and serviced through our network of dealers located across the continent. Our goal is to maintain a select group of high calibre dealers who are very knowledgeable and experienced, and who understand, and can convey the importance of quality, design, engineering, and service to our targeted market... a market that can include the most sophisticated and demanding applications imaginable.

Of course we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for the continued support of our valued partners and suppliers such as Silent Gliss, Four Seasons Sunrooms, Turnils and 3G Mermet. We reflect their "commitment to excellence" in all the products that we deliver to our customers.