The Skylight Solution

SolaraSky is an energy efficient, retractable skylight shading system that’s designed to optimize light control and reduce heat gain through skylights. It’s the ideal window covering solution for any skylight and sunroom ceilings.

SolaraSky fabric is 100% non-woven polyester. This spun textile has been proven to withstand over a decade of heat, cold, and damaging ultraviolet light. Similar to the SolaraShade, the SolaraSky design creates 3 levels of insulation. The shade can trap air inside its honeycomb structure, but also between the back of the fabric and the interior layer of glass. Tracks on each side of the shade also insulate against heat transfer that would normally escape from the open ends of the honeycomb fabric. A single layer of “air trapping” honeycomb fabric provides exceptional thermal insulation, while still allowing the natural light to filter through.

A uniform white backing maximizes radiant heat reflection while providing a neutral appearance when viewed from your home’s exterior. Optional blackout fabrics are available for bedroom applications.

SolaraSky fabric is available in several designer colours, however a soft “off white” is most often recommended for roof glass applications. Neutral tones allow the shade to blend in with the skylight structure when not in use.