A Unique, All-in-One Vertical Blind and Curtain Solution

Allusion is a unique shading solution for floor-to-ceiling windows, bi-folding and Patio doors. It has the convenience and flexibility of vertical blinds, paired with the look and feel of beautiful curtains. This shading system is designed to provide privacy and security when the blinds are closed, and light filtering daylight views and accessible convenience, when the blinds are open. How does it do that?

In the open position, the specially designed C-shaped vertical louvres have gaps between adjoining louvres that can be temporarily parted in order to walk through the shades. In this position, the louvres look like semi-transparent, wavy curtains that provide light filtering views of the outside. In the closed position, the C-shaped vertical louvres fold over each other to block out light, thus providing privacy and security. The soft flowing vanes are available in a variety of colours and transparencies to meet the needs of style and functionality.