The Perfect Solution for Solariums and Sunrooms

SolaraShade™ is our high quality, high performance shading system designed to accommodate the unique requirements of solariums, sunroom and conservatories. These shades utilize a special honeycomb style fabric that when extended, expands to create individual “cells” that trap the air and act as highly effective insulators.

All shades, regardless of fabric colour, are composed of 100% non-woven, UV resistant polyester fabric able to withstand over a decade of heat, cold and damaging ultraviolet rays. This high spun textile is fabricated with a uniform white colour backing needed for maximum radiant heat reflection and consistent exterior appearance.

SolaraShades can compress to just 3% of their original size when closed. But once they are fully extended across a glass panel, the fabric forms an energy efficient blanket that greatly reduces the temperature differential between interior and exterior environments. This creates 3 levels of insulation. SolaraShades can trap air inside their honeycomb structure, but also between the back of the fabric and the interior layer of glass. Tracks on each side of the shade also insulate against heat transfer that would normally escape from the open ends of the honeycomb fabric.

In solarium applications, SolaraShades generally attach to the upper most section of the roof glass and are manually lowered down towards the sill. You can also stack the shades on the sill and lift upwards from there. This creates what is known as a “bottom stacking” application.

Special flexible and heat resistant polycarbonate are fitted between the glazing bars that support the glass panels, and conform perfectly to the curvature of the solarium. Tracks are supplied “optically clear” for unobstructed views.

The side tracks have two purposes. First, they keep the shade tightly against the glass through a plastic strip that slides into a groove notched into the sides of the honeycomb fabric. And second, they reduce air movement and heat loss from the perimeter of the shade thereby improving energy efficiency.

A rail attached to the base of the shade allows it to be expanded or contracted over the solarium’s glass panels. The white or bronze rails blend well with any glazing bar colour. The rail moves along the glass panels using gear wheels running along the runners mounted to the glazing bars with the ability to lock into any position. A five to ten foot telescopic rod can be used to move the rail along the glass.

SolaraShades create tremendous value and performance for your solarium while providing years of trouble free use. They can be used to filter light, control glare, create privacy, protect furnishings from damaging UV rays reduce summer heat gain or decease winter heat loss. SolaraShades come with a five year warranty on all hardware components.


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SolaraShade™ is our high quality, high performance shading system designed to accommodate ...

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