Roman Lift

Motorized Folding Shade Hardware

Roman shades are an excellent alternative to drapery when curtain stacking creates a problem.  Folding shades compact much smaller than drapery, while still providing a “soft” treatment look to the room.  Brading’s Roman Lift system allow your textiles to raise and stack above the window, as to not block any views through the glazing.

Even large glass openings up to 19’ wide can be covered with a single lift system, quietly raising and lowering the fabric in perfect balance. Your choice of whisper quiet Lutron or Italian Gaposa motors (24 volt DC) provide the highest quality drive solutions in the window coverings industry. For heavy duty commercial applications, 120 volt AC Somfy motors can be incorporated.

The greatest advantage of our encapsulated hardware is the easy attachment and removal of the Roman shade fabric. A velcro strip attaches any folding shade onto the front of the aluminum enclosure. Internal lift cords can be adjusted on site for custom spacing. Cord shrouds are required for residential applications.  The encapsulated hardware shows beautifully from the exterior of the window by concealing all cords, rollers, motor and spools into a small 2 3/8” x 2 7/8” white aluminum rounded box.
This European engineered hardware system is designed to work flawlessly for years.