Elara FreshAir

A Motorized, Insect-Free Fresh Air Solution

Elara FreshAir™ is a high quality motorized insect screen solution for bug-free indoor and outdoor living spaces. Powered by reliable and whisper quiet 24 volt DC Lutron or Gaposa motors, Elara FreshAir™ can accommodate openings of up to 78”in width and 96”in height with a 3.5”x 3.5” low profile cassette (or up to 120” tall with an oversized cassette). What differentiates our motorized insect screen from others is its minimalist design, Italian-engineered hardware system for precision operation, unique ultra-thin inner and outer tracks to ensure perfect plumb lines (even with out-of-square openings).  By using special rivet-reinforced insect mesh, this ensures to keep the fabric fully secure within the side tracks.  An exterior grade, black bottom brush creates a tight seals on both floor or window sill applications.

The product line is available in white or bronze powder coated aluminum components and your choice of a Lutron or more cost effective Gaposa motor (both are 24 volt DC). Elara FreshAir™ can be controlled through a hard wired wall switch or a hand held RF (radio frequency) remote.   It  can easily integrate into any 3rd party home automation system using RS232 or contact closure. Each system will provide years of trouble-free operation.