Safe Space

Crystal Clear to Hear & See Through

COVID-19 and many respiratory illnesses are spread through infected droplets from a sick person’s mouth or nose. Safe Space 20/20 is a flexible and versatile protective barrier system designed to help prevent the spread of germs in all kinds of indoor spaces. In many places, it is not possible (or feasible) to install a fixed physical barrier on the floor or raised surface and in crowded office environments where floor space is at a premium.

The use of any physical protective barriers should be combined with the other important preventative measures such as frequent hand washing, physical distancing, and wearing masks or face coverings.

SafeSpace 20/20 is an easy to install, lightweight motorized roller blind system. The antimicrobial textile can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to maintain crystal clear vision through the protective barrier. A whisper quiet, high quality Italian made motor allows for safe and reliable operation, by omitting dangerous dangling loop cords hanging into the room. It's premium internal battery lasts for 500 to 600 cycles per charge via an easy plug-in recharger. Typical recharging time is under 1 hour and it can be recharged over 200 times. SafeSpace is controlled by a convenient hand held remote transmitter. The motor can also be operated by an optional wireless wall switch or 3rd party home automation systems via RS232.

Made with pride in Canada, SafeSpace 20/20 is engineered and designed to protect you from diseases, germs, viruses and harmful microorganisms. Our system is an exclusive, light-weight, functional and durable roller blind kit that only takes a few minutes to install.

Unlike "sound muffling” plexiglass, there is absolutely no auditory distortion through our perfectly clear 20/20 see through safety film.

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