The Perfect Solution for Solariums and Sunrooms

SolaraShade™ is our high quality, high performance shading system designed to accommodate the unique requirements of sunrooms, solariums and conservatories. 

Special honeycomb fabric pockets are designed to trap the air and act as highly effective insulators. Combined with 100% spun polyester textile, they can withstand decades of temperature extremes and damaging ultraviolet rays. The uniform white colour backing reflects radiant heat while maintaining a consistent exterior appearance. The unique design allows the system to insulate in 3 ways so as to maximize the temperature differential between interior and exterior environments. The versatile shades can compress to just 3% of their original size when closed, and can be installed as top stacking or bottom stacking systems depending on the type of structure.

Innovations such as heat resistant optically clear polycarbonate tracks keep the shade tightly against the glass, and reduce air movement and heat loss from the perimeter of the shade. The white or bronze shade rails blend in with most sunroom structures, while also providing smooth and even upward and downward operation. SolaraShade conforms perfectly to the curvature of any sunroom.  A detachable telescopic pole provides more convenient operation, when the shade’s moveable rail is out of reach. 

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