Architects and Specifiers

Technical Assistance to Ensure Correct Product Specification

Today's busy Architects and Specifiers require accurate information and detailed cut sheets for correct specification of window covering products.  Brading is positioned well to recommend proper shading solutions for all glazing styles including windows (square and non-rectangular), doors, skylights and angled glass applications.  We approach shading solutions from a technical standpoint, rather than from a design perspective.
Areas of concern such as summer heat gain, winter heat loss, damaging UV light, glare, light control, privacy and ease of operation is what ultimately determines the correct product to incorporate.  Strong consideration is given to exposures and angle of sunlight entry, relative to the time of year and latitude (summer solstice versus winter solstice).  

Our knowledge of AC & DC motors and their corresponding amperage draw, allows us to correctly specify line voltage versus low voltage applications.  From basic wall switch to radio frequency to contact closure and RS232 / RS485 interface modules, Brading can assist with the proper solution for any application.  For example, the new OLG Concert Hall in Niagara Falls, where a 100 meter wide wall of roller blinds (21 units @ 5 meter width by 8 meter drop) will raise or lower with a simple key switch requiring no external power.

Regardless of project complexity, Brading will work with you to ensure the proper solution is achieved.