Silent Gliss

The World Leader in Highest Quality Window Covering Products

Swiss engineered for unsurpassed quality, distinctive European style, innovative design and quiet elegance, Silent Gliss window treatments are engineered to meet the needs of the most discriminating designer, architect or homeowner. The company offers a complete range of solutions for the most demanding design applications. 

Brading Fabrication has been involved with Silent Gliss since the mid 1980’s and is the Ontario distributor for Silent Gliss products.  We locally fabricate several products at our plant including curtain tracks, skylight shades, hospital cubical tracks and panel glide systems.

Since its beginning in the early 1950’s with the first truly quiet and friction free curtain track, Silent Gliss has focused on creating the highest quality hardware systems available. Swiss and German engineers, through continuous R&D, innovation and hardware design, have developed solutions for a wide range of shading applications including motorized drape tracks up to 60 meters wide that can support up to 270 kg in curtain weight, or a motorized roller blind up to 5 meters wide and lengths of up to 12 meter drops.   Retractable straight or curved panel glides, skylight shades up to 3 meters wide by 6 meters in length, rectangular or trapezoidal 127 mm motorized Vertical blinds up to 6 meters wide.  Anti-microbial cubical tracks and curtains for hospitals applications.  

Brading Fabrication has supplied Silent Gliss products to numerous high end clients such as the Aga Khan Museum, Air Canada (Boeing / Airbus airplane curtain track components), the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Boston Mass General Hospital, Cactus Club in Vancouver, Calgary Hilton, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Google, Mercedes Benz, OLG Concert Hall in Niagara Falls, the Park Plaza Penthouse in NYC, Pavilion of the Blind (kinetic art sculpture by Jennifer Marman / Daniel Borins), Ritz Carleton Montreal and The United Nations in NYC … the list goes on and on.

What truly separates Silent Gliss from all other manufactures is their unmatched attention to detail.  For example, adding a 1 mm lip to the front of a curtain track so that it perfectly touches the ceiling while allowing a slight rear gap for the swivel bracket arm to be concealed.  Creating a patented foam cushioned Delrin plastic curtain track glider to help omit traveling noise.  Creating a fully recessed and curved motorized curtain track system able to carry drapery weights not possible by any competitor.  Unique curved Vertical Wave manual or motorized blinds for a stunning "one of a kind" effect.

Silent Gliss 80/160 mm Wave curtains are a perfect match for modern architecture.  Recessed or surface mount, there are several profiles including rounded, square and rectangular with special attention given to wall mount considerations, including various bracket covers to conceal the mounting screw locations.  The Brading name has been synonymous with Silent Gliss for well over 3 decades.  There is simply no finer hardware available than Silent Gliss.

Featured Product


The Play of Light

Vertical blind systems combine design and technology, a shading system that is stylish and still allows you to control the level of light entering the room. They are well suited for floor-to-ceiling windows or as a room divider. In addition to straight louvres, we offer Vertical Wave (designed by Eva Marmbrandt) - 3 laser cut shaped louvres to add a contemporary twist. We now offer the unique, breath-taking 3D Vertical Wave. By combining new printing methods with colour palettes we deliver eye-catching and stunning effects on the blind.

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