Competent and Knowledgeable Solutions for the Design Trade

Brading Fabrication understands the challenges of the Design Trade and their need for accurate information and crucial dimension details.  We manufacture using only the highest quality, low profile components, textiles and motors to ensure we meet the stringent demands of high end residential and unique commercial applications.  Brading is not “everything to everyone” … we are very unique in our approach to solving problems associated with glass.  Brading works with Designers from all over the world to assist with proper specifications for the most unique and challenging situations, regardless of project location.

Brading will assist your firm with knowledge and skills to ensure a flawless design process, from paper to job completion.  We work closely, meeting with many of our overseas suppliers (Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK) on a regular basis to keep on top of design trade directions.  Yearly visits to Heimtex allows Brading to understand colour trends and industry movement.
We look forward to working you with in providing solutions for challenging applications.