Why Brading Fabrication?

Many Reasons to Choose Brading Fabrication 

As a company dedicated to supplying unique and technically challenging solutions for difficult shading requirements, we welcome the opportunity to help dealers and resellers solve difficult shading problems. Here is why you should consider working with our team.

  1. We know the industry. We identify and analyze emerging trends and share that valuable information with our dealers.
  2. We know the market that we serve. We understand and cater to the most demanding and quality conscious customers in the marketplace. In short, we can help you sell to this exclusive market.
  3. We distribute the industry’s leading window coverings product line including Silent Gliss. It is the world’s most unique window coverings brand and has been used in several of the world’s leading architectural landmarks. We leverage that application knowledge and experience to satisfy the needs of your most demanding shading solutions.  
  4. We have unique products. Each of our product lines fills a niche in the marketplace. Trust us to do almost anything imaginable in the most demanding shading environment.
  5. We can customize products to meet your exact needs. We can achieve multiple levels of customization including colour-matching hardware, upgraded motors for higher torque or quieter performance.  We can also provide interface modules for RS232 / RS485 applications and custom programmed PLC’s (programable logic controllers).
  6. We can solve any application problem. As experienced and knowledgeable problem solvers, we can help you develop and sell solutions to address the most difficult and unusual shading problems.
  7. Help with developing winning strategies. We have the depth and breadth of shading knowledge and application experience to help you develop strategies to solidify existing business and win new contracts.
  8. Long Term Support. Brading Fabrication has a long history helping and supporting our dealer network. For more than 20 years, our partners have relied on us for technical support and replacement parts.
  9. We have sales tools to assist our dealers including fabric samples, spec sheets, shop drawings and installation instructions.
  10. Excellent margins – especially on unique applications. Our exclusive and unique product selection commands better-than-average sales margins. Become more profitable by partnering with Brading Fabrication.