Precise Detailed Assistance in Real Time

Builders are constantly “under the gun” for crucial information, as project details tend to change at the last minute. Brading understands this challenge and we do our best to fulfill this requirement with easy to access shop drawings (see the Download Section under our Resources tab) and person to person communication via phone … in a nut shell, "we do our best to answer our phones”!
Brading staff are here to answer your questions about blocking requirements, pocket size details, hardware dimensions, amperage requirements, pre-wiring details and so on.  We know how important and time sensitive this information can be to your project.

Brading has many years of experience working with the highest quality shading parts, systems and motors on the market.  We have established strong, long term relationships with a hand full of North American and European component and fabric suppliers.  Quality and longevity are the most crucial aspects of our shading solutions.  We look forward in assisting you with your future projects.