Creative Shading Solutions Powered By Lutron

One of the strengths of Brading Fabrication is our ability to create innovative, high performance shading products to meet the needs of people with unusual shading requirements and challenges. Lutron roller shade motors are certainly known as the industry leader … with exclusive, patented technology and some of the highest known performance characteristics. As a Diamond Elite provider of Lutron shading products, we utilize Lutron motors as the “engine” for many of our products such as Astirium roller shades, bottom stacking Laudations roller blinds and Elara FreshAir™ In this way, we leverage Lutron's technology to create high preforming, reliable shading products.  

We constantly study the world over for unique shading ideas, evolving technologies and specialized components. When we combine this with more than 40 years of application experience from some of the most demanding clients and architectural applications in the world; when we add imagination, creativity and engineering know-how to the mix, we can develop completely new (Lutron motor-based) shading products to address as variety of problems.

For example, we developed a unique shading solution to address the needs of an unusual architectural skylight, one that originated on the roof, bent at the roofline and then continued down the side of the house. Utilizing a Lutron motor, Swiss-engineered tracks, custom-made tubing bottom bar and mounting hardware, as well as locally assembled textiles, we developed a gravity-drop roller blind that actually “bent” at the junction between the ceiling and the wall to control the light emanating from this one-of-kind skylight. In essence, when you develop innovation around the best motors available, there is nothing that we can’t do in terms of reliable custom shading solutions. Solving problems associated with light is in our DNA.