The Revolutionary Bottom-Up Shade 

Laudations™ is a radical new bottom-up, motorized shading system that allows an unobstructed view of the outdoors, while providing variable levels of privacy at the same time. This unique shading system can be hidden in the wall or pocket just below the windowsill, thus creating clean, minimalist aesthetics in your living space.

Other bottom-up shading systems require visible guidelines, wires or cords to support and lift the shade to the top (which are always noticeable and obstructs your view).

Laudations incorporates small aluminum side tracks, internal drive belts coupled with polycarbonate return pulleys, to raise the shade to the desired height and privacy from a hidden pocket below. The low profile, 7/8” x 7/8" sidetracks are unobtrusively surface mounted or recessed into the sides of the window frame for a clean, unobstructed view. The shade is operated through a wall switch, wireless remote control or and can be integrated into a 3rd party automation system for central control. Swiss engineered components ensure years of smooth and trouble free operation.

This versatile shade can be used on windows from 24" to 84" wide and up to 120" in height. Laudations is available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours, including “see-through sunscreen,” “light filtering privacy,” or “complete blackout” textiles. The whisper quiet, 24 volt DC motor draws power through a thin, discreet wire that can be embedded into the wall in new construction, or run inconspicuously along the window frame and baseboard for retrofit construction. Architects and designers praise Laudations for its ingenious design, one-of-kind functionality and minimalist footprint.