Solutions for a World in Motion

Silent Gliss products have been used for decades in the transportation industry.  From 1960’s VW Westfalia campers to 70’s & 80’s cruise ships to 1990’s and beyond Volvo trucks, Airbus and Boeing aircraft, Swiss engineered Silent Gliss has represented the pinnacle of quality for critical use operation.  Simply stated, shades for these applications can not fail.  Silent Gliss has an unmatched track record for these types of functions.

The key feature of Silent Gliss is their internal siliconized aluminum tracks and highest quality Delrin plastic gliders for a friction free, smooth gliding result.  Airplane curtain tracks will be used tens of thousands of times … aircraft manufactures rely on Silent Gliss for their tracks to perform flawlessly.

For boats, trains and trucks, Silent Gliss offers small, compact systems with a full range of flame retardant fabrics which fit neatly into the tightest of spaces.  With a wide range of window treatments, we offer many solutions which lend themselves perfectly to all forms of this sector.  From luxury yachts to cruise ships and planes, we have a full range of high performance manual and motorized systems for any transportation sector requirement.