Brading Fabrication Limited (BFL) is proud to have been selected as the exclusive Canadian distributor for DEL products. DEL is the largest Lutron shade dealer on the planet and of a similar mind set to Brading. Both companies are focused on providing the highest quality shading solutions for challenging window applications. DEL conversions take a standard Lutron roller blind, turn it up-side-down, then allow it to stack at the bottom and raise via an upper spring coil retraction system. The greatest advantage of this version is being able to do extremely large shade spans, as well as rectangles, trapezoids and arched applications. Certain fabric restrictions come into play however there are still ample options to meet all demands.

By incorporating high torque Lutron QS150 electronic drive units (EDU), this ensures years of trouble free use. Though other motors can be used, BFL’s preference is to always match our DEL conversions with the best motor available as proven over the last two decades. Lutron EDU's simply have an unmatched return / failure rate ratio versus their “off shore” rivals.

DEL conversions are also possible using Lutron Triathlon cellular shades for both skylight and trapezoidal applications.   These high quality battery operated solutions come in handy in the absence of any pre-wire.  Again, Lutron Triathlon hardware is the industry leader in long life battery technology and whisper quiet operation.

DEL has created a drywall mud in recesses kit for both Lutron and Silent Gliss motorized curtain tracks.  These can also be “bent” on site to confirm to Lutron’s standard 20” radius as well as Silent Gliss’s tighter  10” radius.  Recent DEL developments include a mud in Lutron shade pocket for razor crisp drywall applications as well as a 20% smaller dual shade bracket kit for Lutron QS100 drives.

Ongoing R&D by both BFL and DEL have allowed us to “raise the bar” in the window coverings industry with truly unique solutions for challenging applications.  We both continue to strive for the highest quality solutions using North American and European textiles and components.