Drapery Workrooms

Unique Fabrics and Drapery Hardware to Impress

Drapery workrooms have specialized needs when it comes to fabrics and hardware… in order to achieve the desired aesthetics, functionality, durability, and convenience. With our help, expertise and guidance, our partners have been able to do some of the most difficult and prestigious projects in North America. We can help you make the right decision when it comes to achieving the goals of your customer. We have specialized fabrics with the properties that you are looking for, including fabrics that are backed with aluminum to reflect heat, or are ionized to clean the air. We can do wave, pinched pleat or completely flat curtain styles that can stack very tightly for maximized view. Tracks can be bended to accommodate a wide range of curves and configurations to meet the project requirements. Rely on us to provide the desired solutions to meet your customer’s needs.